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Campaign 2010-2011 Overview

What We Do
How We Do It
What We Require of Our Partners



Civic Frame invites you to partner with us to host a program that features one of the exceptional documentary films in our four-part social justice campaign.  We explore black political agency during the civil rights movement featuring the films Adam Clayton Powell and Chisholm `72: Unbought & Unbossed, the medically uninsured featuring the film Critical Condition, the working poor featuring the film Waging A Living, and migrant workers featuring the film Immokalee U.S.A.

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Civic Frame is a 501c3 nonprofit organization that uses art and intellectual work to encourage civic engagement, media literacy, and critical thinking about pressing social issues.

We believe that art in the form of audio and video documentaries, socially relevant feature films, music, dance, visual art, literature and scholarly work, as important witnesses to society, are great tools for framing social issues that are often difficult to define and discuss.

Founded in Baltimore, Maryland in 2002, we are anchored in cities nationwide through our relationships with local public radio and television stations, colleges and universities, public libraries and museums, and other community contacts.

At Civic Frame, we create a place where art and accessible intellectual work stimulate conversation, community, personal reflection, and personal accountability among artists, scholars, decision makers, activists, and the general public.

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what we do

To encourage civic dialogue, we:

•Identify social issues with international, national, and local relevance;

•Share art and intellectual work that highlight the significance of social issues;

•Gather key persons from governmental and non-governmental organizations, activists, and everyday people to share how they are shaping and are affected by social issues in their local communities; and

•Assemble the general public into a civic interaction with multimedia technologies, intellectual work, and decision makers to stimulate conversation, community, personal reflection, and accountability.

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how we do it

Because each community is unique, Civic Frame uses art and intellectual work to illuminate the distinct ways a particular issue affects the local community. 

We select an issue and research the specific manner in which that issue is experienced in each local community.  We build relationships with local practitioners, decision makers, scholars, activists, and community members.  Together, we articulate how the issue is felt within that community. 

What makes Civic Frame unique is that we do not take a pre-packaged program to each location.  Rather we utilize the knowledge and experience of people on the local level to help us shape civic dialogues that have a direct impact in each community.

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what we require of our partners

Partners are expected to secure an optimal date, time, and location for the program, provide all technical support, guide connections to relevant community-based organizations and press outlets, and employ a masterful advertising campaign (posters, web communications, and other venue-specific modes of effectively reaching our target audience).

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The cost of a Civic Frame program is $5000 plus travel and lodging for one from Baltimore, Maryland.

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